Less than a year after it's premiere at the Glasgow Short Film Festival, where the film caused audience members to panic and faint, "FLAMINGO" is now available to assault your panic disorder. Just last week the film was named one of the top european short films of 2016 on Cineuropa. 

If you're a weirdo with a strong stomach - put your eyeballs on it.


Hey creeps!

I know things have started to get cobwebbed around here - but I've been busy working on a shit ton of new things for you guys to hopefully enjoy.

Today I've managed to finish and release BLOCKHEAD. This film is a little broader than my usual work. To me it's like if Ren & Stimpy were stitched to The Twilight Zone in a heatwave. I shot this back in Feb/Mar this year while I was in Florida. I guess in some weird way this is the third film in my unofficial Florida Trilogy ("The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut" and "Caustic Gulp" being the other shorts).

The film follows Lyle, during a trip to paradise which takes a bizarre turn when he can no longer evade his fixation with the motel ice machine.

The films is just little fun prelude to larger scale projects that will be squirming their way into your eye sockets over the coming months.

Hope you guys enjoy!


  • PARASITE (Psychological Drama)
    Writer/Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

So I'm really proud to announce that my project PARASITE is one of the 20 shortlisted for this years Scottish Shorts via the Scottish Film Talent Network. Fingers crossed it becomes one of the 6 that are commissioned. Watch this space!

See the rest of the shortlisted titles HERE


Hey Boils and ghouls, apologies things have been a bit quiet on here recently, aside from being without internet for a couple of weeks – I’ve actually been working on a couple of projects which will have your eye sockets shaking.

Let me fill you in on what’s been going on the past month or so!



RUBBER GUILLOTINE’s reign of terror continued – the film made its U.S. debut at DelaDeso’s DIGITAL DEATH FILM FEST in California last weekend. The film was transferred and played on VHS tape which I find really fucking cool. Also check out DelaDeso’s work it’s pretty sick.


The film also screened at the Vienna Independent Shorts festival on 3rd June. As part of the special 100 Films in 100 Minutes programme.

And if you couldn’t make it to California and missed it in Vienna – I hope you headed down to The Glad Café in Glasgow on the 4th June for the Southside Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to have been nominated for the Southside Filmmaker Award. 



Fellow creeps and weirdos, please return your seat backs to their full upright and locked position, I’ve got two new short films in post-production awaiting to squirm their way into your brain through your eye sockets.



BLOCKHEAD – I shot this one back at the end of February/early March while in Florida. This will make the third entry in my unofficial Florida trilogy (the first entries being The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut and Caustic Gulp) I will be releasing this one next after making a few tweaks. The only way I can describe this one is if The Twilight Zone and Ren and Stimpy were fused together in a clammy climate.

SECRET PROJECT – This one I’ve literally just finished shooting principal photography with one or two insert shots to be done. I’m working on the edit right now. I’m really excited about this one. Below are some behind the scenes images for you to get an idea of what to expect.


I recently sat down with a young writer and model named Jack Shanks who asked if he could interview me for a university project. I cautiously met with him, as I normally really hate these sort of things, but he was a cool and easy going guy- put your eyes on it on page 28 HERE


From left: Hans Lucas (Blueprint) and Bryan M. Ferguson at the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

From left: Hans Lucas (Blueprint) and Bryan M. Ferguson at the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Hey creeps!
Just posting to say that I know things have been quite here on the news front but that's because I've been on holiday for the last couple of weeks! But here I am to give you lot some updates.

Those of you who came to my Blueprint B-Roll event a couple of weeks back at Glasgow Short Film Festival, thank you! You guys sold out the show, it was a full house and just by the reaction I could hear throughout - you guys were really onboard with the bizarre nature of the programme!

I found this nice little write up by Random Clock Films:

As well as playing the Glasgow Short Film Festival in two separate programmes (albeit that one of them was my own curated event), RUBBER GUILLOTINE screened at the Short Waves Festival in Poznan, Poland on 24th March. 

I was really honoured, pleased and lucky to have been a part of this festival - as I had initially submitted RUBBER GUILLOTINE to the festival only for it not to be successful, however Philip Ilson, director of the London Short Film Festival, had selected the film to be included in his Friday Night Shorts event that he was curating for the festival - so a huge thank you to Mr. Ilson for his support and allow it to all weirdly worked out. 


I was commissioned by Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food to shoot a short promotional documentary that follows the process of artists, Conzo Throb and Ciaran Globel, as they draw upon Indian influences to shape a mural within the brand new Glasgow restaurant.

I began shooting the film late October/early November of last year. I would shoot the process of the artists and captured their progress over time. I also interview Tuk Tuk CEO, Rizvi Khaleque, who briefly discuses what the restaurant's goal is for the city of Glasgow, with the film closing on the restaurant's launch party event which took place earlier this month via The List.

I'm really happy with how this turned out and hope to make more stuff like this. It may not be one of my short films but it has my finger prints all over it - put your eyeballs on it!


I'm stoked to announce that I was approached by Blueprint and Glasgow Short Film Festival to curate a night of short films for Blueprint B-Roll. I've never curated an event before, so it's a first for me which is pretty exciting!

The films range from the darkly comical and the weird and wonderful to just flat out "what the fuck did you just put in my eyes?". Safe to say it's going to be a night you'll either love or be puzzled by - strictly for weirdos only! The event takes place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts on 18th March - I'll be there to introduce/warn you of the programme also.

Tickets are available from here

In addition to the above event, RUBBER GUILLOTINE has been invited to play out of competition at the "Round Midnight" programme on the 17th March, also at the Centre for Contemporary Arts. I'm pretty thrilled to be a part of this block as it seems it's a late night selection of the dark, funny and sexy. Tickets for this block here

"FLAMINGO" One of the Top European Short Films of 2016

I'm really pretty chuffed to announce that FLAMINGO was named one of the top European short films of 2016 on Cineuropa!

Flamingo still 4.jpg

Laurent Crouzeix of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival had selected the film as one of his top five stating that 'Flamingo' is "A daring story that revolves around self-inflicted pain. Probably one of the most original narrative fiction I saw this year. Painful, yet somehow universal I believe. Not for the faint-hearted."

You can check out the full list of films HERE


To precede FLAMINGO's screening at the London Short Film Festival on 10th Jan at the Moth Club. (tickets available HERE)- I have put together a new trailer to whet the appetites of those weirdos that have been waiting to see this film since it's infamous premiere last March.

Those eager to get there hands on their hacksaws can be rest assured that the film will premiere online very very soon. So bring your limbs and for some of you.. bring your vomit bag.

Watch the NEW trailer below which features 90% of new footage  (not for those with a panic disorder): 

Also if you sadomasochists need more - put your eyes on the previously released teaser trailer below:


RUBBER GUILLOTINE is being showcased on Fandependent Films for their Winter Festival 2017. The film will be featured on their platform for 20 days! Go watch the film over there! The more views it gets the more chance you can help the film win the Audience Award! - And for all you real punk jelly enthusiasts - "Become A Fan" and for $3/£2.50 - You can help the film win the Fan Award.



RUBBER GUILLOTINE has been selected to screen in Berlin at the 10th British Shorts Film Festival on the 14th January. Tickets available HERE

Following the screening in Berlin the film will compete for the 2 MINUTES SHORT FILM AWARD in Stuttgart for 300. STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER - FESTIVAL FOR EXPANDED MEDIA. The film screens on the 21st Jan. Tickets HERE

This will be the first time I've had any of my work screened in Germany. If you're a fan of my work and are in the area, please do snag a ticket and support the film!

A quick reminder for those in the UK, this film screens at the LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL on the 8th January at Hackney Picturehouse. Tickets still available HERE

FLAMINGO will also be playing at the LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL on the 10th January at the Moth Club. Tickets available HERE

I would highly recommend anyone who is a fan of my work to try and make this screening. FLAMINGO is not yet available online and is needed to be seen on a bigger screen. Bring your limbs and a strong stomach - not for the faint hearted.




FLAMINGO [behind the scenes]

"FLAMINGO" was the film that stemmed from winning The Skinny Short Film Award for my previous film, "CAUSTIC GULP" in August 2015. The prize consisted of £3000 worth of camera equipment courtesy of Olympus, to make a new film in the intervening months and to have said film be presented at the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Actress: Eileen Williams

Actress: Eileen Williams

I had originally written "FLAMINGO" back in the winter of 2014 as something completely different. It was initially more of a dark comedy. I even attempted to shoot the film in January 2015. I shot one scene, the climax. It was awful. Much to my annoyance and apprehension I put the script in a drawer (folder in my laptop) and the following month I started work on Caustic Gulp (a script I wrote the night before I flew out to Florida on holiday and subsequently went on to shoot it while there).

Fortunately the little oddity caught the attention of the judges of The Skinny Short Film Award competition.

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson & Actress: Eileen Williams

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson & Actress: Eileen Williams

After winning The Skinny Short Film Award, I underwent a spate of intense anxiety and depression. I was in a complicated headspace due to an unexpected personal matter. I found myself ridden with anguish/alienation and only had a few months to shoot/cut a brand new film. So I found myself digging out the original script for Flamingo which I ended up retooling considerably, omitting a lot of the humour and completely rewriting our protagonist and her background. Huge scenes were removed and altered and I feel a lot of how I felt at that time bled into the finished film.

Actress: Stascia Bantouvakis

Actress: Stascia Bantouvakis

Production began on October 29th in a Glasgow Country Park on a wet day where I made one of my actors (Kristopher Curran – Lumberjack) wield an axe and hack tree carcasses for hours on end. I felt completely dead after we wrapped up on that day and I failed to realise that this was only the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most stressful and agonising shoots I had ever endured.

Co-Producer: Mhairi Henderson

Co-Producer: Mhairi Henderson

We were shooting every weekend during one of the roughest winters that Scotland had seen for years. Gale force winds, torrential downpour, ice cold temperatures. Not only was the weather against us but so was the light. The script was page after page of scenes set entirely during the day – which posed an issue considering we would only get 5-6 hours of daylight a day. I felt at the beginning, those first few weekends, I was being a pain in many of the throats of the actors because I would be dragging them out of their beds at 6am in the cold dark mornings to shoot, without any compensation.

Actress: Eileen Williams

Actress: Eileen Williams

But as we continued to shoot we became more of a depraved family of outcasts trying to get this film finished. Being the only crew member (aside from my co-producer Mhairi Henderson and Make-Up Artist Rachel Gallagher) I was feeling the strain of this shoot. The stress of every aspect of the shoot and prep of each weekend. The frustration of having to wait until the weekend to shoot while suffering a full time job. Everything that could go wrong, did. But we banded together and said fuck you to the obstacles, even if we were bruised and mangled from doing so.

A week before Christmas I sat slumped on the floor of a dance studio in the city centre of Glasgow. My eyes stinging, bones aching and brain dying from 14 hours of relentless shooting after cramming two full day shoots into one, as this was our last chance to shoot with our leading lady (Eileen Williams – Fern) before she had to fly back to France.

Actress: Eileen Williams

Actress: Eileen Williams

5 days later – I end up breaking my hand. The bittersweet irony of tackling post-production on a film about amputation - with one hand. Though I do believe this was a blessing in disguise as if it weren’t for my injury I would never had been signed off from full time employment and had had the time to stitch together the film the way it deserved. I locked myself away over Christmas and started to piece the film together like Dr. Frankenstein. I would rarely sleep and live on endless cups of coffee and gorge myself on late night pizza, when I’d remember to eat.

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

I was at the London Short Film Festival for a screening of Caustic Gulp when I had received the news that Flamingo was accepted to play in competition at the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Actor: Kristopher Curran

Actor: Kristopher Curran

But it wasn’t until the premiere of the film in March at the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, that I truly saw how all those hours and all that money that I put into this film (leaving me massively skint), were completely and utterly worth it. The film packed the gut wrenching punch that I hoped for. The anguish, alienation and anxiety that I felt over those months spilled into the film and bled into the audience. Such a visceral experience in fact that the film induced panic attacks and caused some audience members to faint.

Actor: Kristopher Curran & Make-Up Artist: Rachel Gallagher 

Actor: Kristopher Curran & Make-Up Artist: Rachel Gallagher 

The glee I felt as I stepped over fainted viewers as I left the screening room to palpitate into a beer has yet to be matched. I honestly feel Flamingo is my strongest film to date and evidently so did the press and the jury of the Glasgow Short Film Festival as they awarded me Special Mention for having “a clear cinematic vision and style”. 

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

The Skinny hailed the film "Ballardian" in it's portrayal of psychosexual body-horror. Read the full article and interview with myself here

I've yet to release the film online, but for all of you eager to glue your eyeballs to it, please keep them peeled because it will be online very shortly. Though you can catch the film on the big screen at the London Short Film Festival on January 10th - tickets can be found here.


As I mentioned a couple of months back, both FLAMINGO and RUBBER GUILLOTINE, have made the Official Selection for the 14th London Short Film Festival 2017. I thought I'd share further details for any creeps, pervs or weirdos who want to put eyeballs on the films and support my work!

FLAMINGO screens at the Moth Club on the 10th January and will be closing the WTF: Outside The Box programme. The film will conclude a series of bizarre and extreme shorts that will weird you out.

I've yet to release FLAMINGO online so if you are in or around London, this is a great opportunity to get to see this, it really needs to be seen on a big screen to get the full experience. Though beware, past screenings of the film has caused mass fainting, high anxiety and panic attacks.

Can your guts take it? - Get your tickets HERE

RUBBER GUILLOTINE screens at the Hackney Picturehouse on 8th January as part of the Girlhood programme. The film will be screened alongside a programme of short films that follow the trials and tribulations of young girls coming into womanhood in a man's world.

The film has been available online for a few months now and has successfully gained quite a lot of fans and recognition, which is great! - If you are in London or can make it there, I'd highly recommend this programme, even if you've seen Rubber Guillotine - because the accompanying films are powerful stories and should be seen.

Snag tickets for this HERE