As I mentioned a couple of months back, both FLAMINGO and RUBBER GUILLOTINE, have made the Official Selection for the 14th London Short Film Festival 2017. I thought I'd share further details for any creeps, pervs or weirdos who want to put eyeballs on the films and support my work!

FLAMINGO screens at the Moth Club on the 10th January and will be closing the WTF: Outside The Box programme. The film will conclude a series of bizarre and extreme shorts that will weird you out.

I've yet to release FLAMINGO online so if you are in or around London, this is a great opportunity to get to see this, it really needs to be seen on a big screen to get the full experience. Though beware, past screenings of the film has caused mass fainting, high anxiety and panic attacks.

Can your guts take it? - Get your tickets HERE

RUBBER GUILLOTINE screens at the Hackney Picturehouse on 8th January as part of the Girlhood programme. The film will be screened alongside a programme of short films that follow the trials and tribulations of young girls coming into womanhood in a man's world.

The film has been available online for a few months now and has successfully gained quite a lot of fans and recognition, which is great! - If you are in London or can make it there, I'd highly recommend this programme, even if you've seen Rubber Guillotine - because the accompanying films are powerful stories and should be seen.

Snag tickets for this HERE