RUBBER GUILLOTINE” follows an angsty 17 year old girl who sucker punches her parent’s hopes for her future by aspiring to donate her skeleton to gelatine. 

I shot this film for the TIFF SHORTS FESTIVAL competition. The Toronto International Film Festival and Instagram have teamed up to present a platform and showcase for emerging filmmaking talent. Details HERE. Hopefully my DIY filmmaking will be enough to snatch their eyes from their sockets. (In a good way of course)

I’m not sure what inspired this idea, like many ideas, it formed from nowhere – though I do vaguely remember standing in my kitchen at 3am eating a cup of jelly and thinking how strange it looked. From there I started to look up facts about gelatine and was both grossed out and excited when I discovered that it came from animal bones. – Then this conjured up the thought of: what if we used human bones?

My work is canonically colourful and often focuses on bizarre human behaviours and more often than not, includes the running theme of harm to and the durability of the human body. I feel in some way this definitely bleeds into this film, albeit in a more tongue-in-cheek way. I find domestic products or everyday objects fascinating when they are viewed differently. I really enjoy the elements of the uncanny and having the viewer see something they recognise but altering their perception of it, often by using that everyday product/object in an unusual (or sometimes injurious) way for darkly comedic effect.


Everything by: Bryan M. Ferguson
Starring: Louise McWilliams
Music: "Cocksucker" by Halfrican

Special Thanks:

Alexandra Findlay
Stascia Bantouvakis
Hailey Maxwell
Val D'Oro