These are the final images from my "IRREGULAR SKELETON" series. I shot these in May. It was initially shot with the intent of being an editorial for a Glasgow magazine, but unsure if that's still happening at the moment - though I'm just happy I'm finally able to share these now. 

I've been excited to release these since I finished working on them. what makes these important is this is the the first photo shoot I have done for almost a year. I had been so film focused that I was close to just hanging up my photography hat - but this shoot really ignited the flame again.

It's also quite an important shoot as its the first I've had with a team involved. Normally it's just me, the camera and whoever the fuck I can get in front of it - using whatever clothes or odd knick-knacks I can find lying around for props.

But this shoot was arranged and styled by the kooky folk at I'll Be Your Mirror with make-Up by the ghoulishly spectacular Alexandra Findlay and hair by the spookily talented Emma Diamond.

And the two irregular skeletons in the images are the eerily cool Penelope Gillies and Louise McWilliams (who you've recently seen in my film "RUBBER GUILLOTINE")

Hope your eye sockets are beaming as much as mine.