Excited to announce that I will be presenting FLAMINGO in Riga, Latvia on the 10th September followed by a Q+A. The film plays at a special programme curated by 2ANNAS Riga International Film Festival as part of Baltā Nakts (White Night).

Baltā Nakts (White Night) is a modern urban culture forum – one night a year locals and tourists are invited to enjoy a vigil creativity aimed to change their perception of environment and cultural life. The sleepless night is a chance to purposefully experience something extraordinary and be involved in various activities offered by artists. White Night tradition was started in 2002 in Paris and it spread like a positive epidemic to Brussels, Rome and Madrid, with Riga as one of the early adopters too. Later on, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Porto and Valetta joined the White Night movement in Europe, while Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal and other cities joined it globally.

FLAMINGO will screen at the SHORT HORROR. event, where the film will screen twice. I will be heading to Riga, Latvia for the event and will present the first screening of the film and will also take part in a Q & A afterwards.

The event aims to elevate horror by presenting films that are primitive, naturalistic and which are not closely related to the artistic character of the genre in its classical sense. The aim of these horror films is to construct the sense of fear as an existential state, thus focusing on the study of human subconscious. So I am thrilled that FLAMINGO has been invited to be a part of this. However the last time the film played to an audience there were panic attacks and fainting audience members - so if you're (un)fortunate enough to go to the event, bring extra nerves and possibly a sick bag as the event promises to bring "anxiety for everyone".


Watch the FLAMINGO trailer below: