I'm stoked to announce that I was approached by Blueprint and Glasgow Short Film Festival to curate a night of short films for Blueprint B-Roll. I've never curated an event before, so it's a first for me which is pretty exciting!

The films range from the darkly comical and the weird and wonderful to just flat out "what the fuck did you just put in my eyes?". Safe to say it's going to be a night you'll either love or be puzzled by - strictly for weirdos only! The event takes place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts on 18th March - I'll be there to introduce/warn you of the programme also.

Tickets are available from here

In addition to the above event, RUBBER GUILLOTINE has been invited to play out of competition at the "Round Midnight" programme on the 17th March, also at the Centre for Contemporary Arts. I'm pretty thrilled to be a part of this block as it seems it's a late night selection of the dark, funny and sexy. Tickets for this block here