Hey creeps!

I know things have started to get cobwebbed around here - but I've been busy working on a shit ton of new things for you guys to hopefully enjoy.

Today I've managed to finish and release BLOCKHEAD. This film is a little broader than my usual work. To me it's like if Ren & Stimpy were stitched to The Twilight Zone in a heatwave. I shot this back in Feb/Mar this year while I was in Florida. I guess in some weird way this is the third film in my unofficial Florida Trilogy ("The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut" and "Caustic Gulp" being the other shorts).

The film follows Lyle, during a trip to paradise which takes a bizarre turn when he can no longer evade his fixation with the motel ice machine.

The films is just little fun prelude to larger scale projects that will be squirming their way into your eye sockets over the coming months.

Hope you guys enjoy!