RUBBER GUILLOTINE has been selected to screen in Berlin at the 10th British Shorts Film Festival on the 14th January. Tickets available HERE

Following the screening in Berlin the film will compete for the 2 MINUTES SHORT FILM AWARD in Stuttgart for 300. STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER - FESTIVAL FOR EXPANDED MEDIA. The film screens on the 21st Jan. Tickets HERE

This will be the first time I've had any of my work screened in Germany. If you're a fan of my work and are in the area, please do snag a ticket and support the film!

A quick reminder for those in the UK, this film screens at the LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL on the 8th January at Hackney Picturehouse. Tickets still available HERE

FLAMINGO will also be playing at the LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL on the 10th January at the Moth Club. Tickets available HERE

I would highly recommend anyone who is a fan of my work to try and make this screening. FLAMINGO is not yet available online and is needed to be seen on a bigger screen. Bring your limbs and a strong stomach - not for the faint hearted.




FLAMINGO [behind the scenes]

"FLAMINGO" was the film that stemmed from winning The Skinny Short Film Award for my previous film, "CAUSTIC GULP" in August 2015. The prize consisted of £3000 worth of camera equipment courtesy of Olympus, to make a new film in the intervening months and to have said film be presented at the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Actress: Eileen Williams

Actress: Eileen Williams

I had originally written "FLAMINGO" back in the winter of 2014 as something completely different. It was initially more of a dark comedy. I even attempted to shoot the film in January 2015. I shot one scene, the climax. It was awful. Much to my annoyance and apprehension I put the script in a drawer (folder in my laptop) and the following month I started work on Caustic Gulp (a script I wrote the night before I flew out to Florida on holiday and subsequently went on to shoot it while there).

Fortunately the little oddity caught the attention of the judges of The Skinny Short Film Award competition.

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson & Actress: Eileen Williams

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson & Actress: Eileen Williams

After winning The Skinny Short Film Award, I underwent a spate of intense anxiety and depression. I was in a complicated headspace due to an unexpected personal matter. I found myself ridden with anguish/alienation and only had a few months to shoot/cut a brand new film. So I found myself digging out the original script for Flamingo which I ended up retooling considerably, omitting a lot of the humour and completely rewriting our protagonist and her background. Huge scenes were removed and altered and I feel a lot of how I felt at that time bled into the finished film.

Actress: Stascia Bantouvakis

Actress: Stascia Bantouvakis

Production began on October 29th in a Glasgow Country Park on a wet day where I made one of my actors (Kristopher Curran – Lumberjack) wield an axe and hack tree carcasses for hours on end. I felt completely dead after we wrapped up on that day and I failed to realise that this was only the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most stressful and agonising shoots I had ever endured.

Co-Producer: Mhairi Henderson

Co-Producer: Mhairi Henderson

We were shooting every weekend during one of the roughest winters that Scotland had seen for years. Gale force winds, torrential downpour, ice cold temperatures. Not only was the weather against us but so was the light. The script was page after page of scenes set entirely during the day – which posed an issue considering we would only get 5-6 hours of daylight a day. I felt at the beginning, those first few weekends, I was being a pain in many of the throats of the actors because I would be dragging them out of their beds at 6am in the cold dark mornings to shoot, without any compensation.

Actress: Eileen Williams

Actress: Eileen Williams

But as we continued to shoot we became more of a depraved family of outcasts trying to get this film finished. Being the only crew member (aside from my co-producer Mhairi Henderson and Make-Up Artist Rachel Gallagher) I was feeling the strain of this shoot. The stress of every aspect of the shoot and prep of each weekend. The frustration of having to wait until the weekend to shoot while suffering a full time job. Everything that could go wrong, did. But we banded together and said fuck you to the obstacles, even if we were bruised and mangled from doing so.

A week before Christmas I sat slumped on the floor of a dance studio in the city centre of Glasgow. My eyes stinging, bones aching and brain dying from 14 hours of relentless shooting after cramming two full day shoots into one, as this was our last chance to shoot with our leading lady (Eileen Williams – Fern) before she had to fly back to France.

Actress: Eileen Williams

Actress: Eileen Williams

5 days later – I end up breaking my hand. The bittersweet irony of tackling post-production on a film about amputation - with one hand. Though I do believe this was a blessing in disguise as if it weren’t for my injury I would never had been signed off from full time employment and had had the time to stitch together the film the way it deserved. I locked myself away over Christmas and started to piece the film together like Dr. Frankenstein. I would rarely sleep and live on endless cups of coffee and gorge myself on late night pizza, when I’d remember to eat.

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

I was at the London Short Film Festival for a screening of Caustic Gulp when I had received the news that Flamingo was accepted to play in competition at the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Actor: Kristopher Curran

Actor: Kristopher Curran

But it wasn’t until the premiere of the film in March at the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, that I truly saw how all those hours and all that money that I put into this film (leaving me massively skint), were completely and utterly worth it. The film packed the gut wrenching punch that I hoped for. The anguish, alienation and anxiety that I felt over those months spilled into the film and bled into the audience. Such a visceral experience in fact that the film induced panic attacks and caused some audience members to faint.

Actor: Kristopher Curran & Make-Up Artist: Rachel Gallagher 

Actor: Kristopher Curran & Make-Up Artist: Rachel Gallagher 

The glee I felt as I stepped over fainted viewers as I left the screening room to palpitate into a beer has yet to be matched. I honestly feel Flamingo is my strongest film to date and evidently so did the press and the jury of the Glasgow Short Film Festival as they awarded me Special Mention for having “a clear cinematic vision and style”. 

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

Director: Bryan M. Ferguson

The Skinny hailed the film "Ballardian" in it's portrayal of psychosexual body-horror. Read the full article and interview with myself here

I've yet to release the film online, but for all of you eager to glue your eyeballs to it, please keep them peeled because it will be online very shortly. Though you can catch the film on the big screen at the London Short Film Festival on January 10th - tickets can be found here.


As I mentioned a couple of months back, both FLAMINGO and RUBBER GUILLOTINE, have made the Official Selection for the 14th London Short Film Festival 2017. I thought I'd share further details for any creeps, pervs or weirdos who want to put eyeballs on the films and support my work!

FLAMINGO screens at the Moth Club on the 10th January and will be closing the WTF: Outside The Box programme. The film will conclude a series of bizarre and extreme shorts that will weird you out.

I've yet to release FLAMINGO online so if you are in or around London, this is a great opportunity to get to see this, it really needs to be seen on a big screen to get the full experience. Though beware, past screenings of the film has caused mass fainting, high anxiety and panic attacks.

Can your guts take it? - Get your tickets HERE

RUBBER GUILLOTINE screens at the Hackney Picturehouse on 8th January as part of the Girlhood programme. The film will be screened alongside a programme of short films that follow the trials and tribulations of young girls coming into womanhood in a man's world.

The film has been available online for a few months now and has successfully gained quite a lot of fans and recognition, which is great! - If you are in London or can make it there, I'd highly recommend this programme, even if you've seen Rubber Guillotine - because the accompanying films are powerful stories and should be seen.

Snag tickets for this HERE



Exciting news for fellow Scots further up north! The Inverness Film Festival commences next month and I've been fortunate enough to have three of my films invited to screen as part of the "SHORT CUTS 1" strand.

Films playing:

It's genuinely a thrill to have my work playing alongside the Scottish Premieres of the new Jim Jarmusch, Park Chan-Wook and Julia Ducournau's "Raw", which, like "Flamingo" - caused audience members to faint at this years Toronto International Film Festival.

Check out the full programme HERE and snag tickets to catch my films HERE


So I'm finally allowed to announce that both FLAMINGO and RUBBER GUILLOTINE have been selected to screen at the BAFTA accredited London Short Film Festival in January. Full details of the screenings to follow shortly. But I'm hoping to scrape some cash together to actually be present at the festival next year. I'll keep you all posted on the details when they come.

Hope to see some of you there and look forward to present (and assault) an new audience with FLAMINGO. Those who might need medical attention can laugh their panic away with RUBBER GUILLOTINE.


So RUBBER GUILLOTINE has been invited to make its Ukrainian premiere at the 100 Films in 100 Minutes festival in Kiev. The event is part of the Kyiv International Short Film Festival. Looking at the programme, the other 99 films look like fellow oddities.

I'm really excited about being a part of this one because it's the first time any of my work has played in Ukraine, its genuinely unfortunate that I can't actually go, if you can or if you live there - be cool as jelly and go support my film, ya creep!

Those who are like me and can't venture to Kiev to put their eyeballs on the film, you can see it online HERE


After, literally, planes, trains and automobiles, I managed to make it back to Glasgow alive, however still I'm recovering. I just wanted to post a thank you to Balta Nakts and 2ANNAS for allowing "FLAMINGO" the oppurtunity to have its Latvian premiere and allowing many eyes on the film by scheduling two separate screenings at their slick event. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of something that was genuinely cool. I also want to thank the audience for being both engaged and suitably uncomfortable - your questions during the Q+A were odd, but that's why I enjoyed them. 

Thank you, Latvia. 



Excited to announce that I will be presenting FLAMINGO in Riga, Latvia on the 10th September followed by a Q+A. The film plays at a special programme curated by 2ANNAS Riga International Film Festival as part of Baltā Nakts (White Night).

Baltā Nakts (White Night) is a modern urban culture forum – one night a year locals and tourists are invited to enjoy a vigil creativity aimed to change their perception of environment and cultural life. The sleepless night is a chance to purposefully experience something extraordinary and be involved in various activities offered by artists. White Night tradition was started in 2002 in Paris and it spread like a positive epidemic to Brussels, Rome and Madrid, with Riga as one of the early adopters too. Later on, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Porto and Valetta joined the White Night movement in Europe, while Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal and other cities joined it globally.

FLAMINGO will screen at the SHORT HORROR. event, where the film will screen twice. I will be heading to Riga, Latvia for the event and will present the first screening of the film and will also take part in a Q & A afterwards.

The event aims to elevate horror by presenting films that are primitive, naturalistic and which are not closely related to the artistic character of the genre in its classical sense. The aim of these horror films is to construct the sense of fear as an existential state, thus focusing on the study of human subconscious. So I am thrilled that FLAMINGO has been invited to be a part of this. However the last time the film played to an audience there were panic attacks and fainting audience members - so if you're (un)fortunate enough to go to the event, bring extra nerves and possibly a sick bag as the event promises to bring "anxiety for everyone".


Watch the FLAMINGO trailer below:


CAUSTIC GULP has been invited to screen at DOUNE THE RABBIT HOLE tonight - courtesy of Glasgow Short Film Festival.

"Glasgow Short Film Festival presents HIGHER STATES (18) – Drawn from GSFF’s 2016 international and Scottish competitions, we present a selection of blissed out, unsettling or just plain weird films exploring imaginary worlds and elevated consciousness."

If you're at Doune the Rabbit Hole tonight and into weird shit, go seek out this event. Details HERE

Featured on i-D

I'm really fucking delighted to announce that one of the images from the "IRREGULAR SKELETONS" shoot has been featured on i-D:

I'm so fucking chuffed that our image was one of the 25 final images chosen from over 4500 entries to the CMxiD competition and it definitely couldn't have been done without the help of my team of misfits: Ill Be Your Mirror, Alexandra Findlay, Emma Diamond and the models: Penelope Gillies and Louise McWilliams.

Check out this image and the other final images.

You can also find the rest of the "IRREGULAR SKELETONS" series HERE


RUBBER GUILLOTINE opened the TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival earlier today, if you haven't already, please do watch and vote for the film (by double-tapping) over at @TIFF_net Instagram page:

I'm so proud to have been officially selected to be a part of this festival after all the work I've put into this and my other project for the last decade. If you could find time to kill 60 seconds of your day to view and like the film, this would help put the film in the running for the Fan Favourite Award.

That aside, I'm also really fucking jazzed about the jelly GIF the Toronto International Film Festival made to promote my film:

OFFICIAL SELECTION: TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival

Hot off the trails of being selected for Vimeo Staff Picks - I'm really fucking buzzed to announce that my film "RUBBER GUILLOTINE" has been officially selected as one of the 30 films for TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival.

The Toronto International Film Festival have teamed with Instagram to bring a new digital shorts competition, which invited aspiring and established filmmakers from around the world to share their original 60 second works.

TIFF programmers have selected 30 finalists to be showcased on TIFF’s website and Instagram channel from AUGUST 8 TO 17. There are two awards to be won - The Fan Favourite (most viewed + liked on Instagram) and the Judge's Choice Award, an award issued by consideration from a six-person jury comprised of film industry professionals such as James Franco, Xavier Dolan and Ava DuVernay.

"RUBBER GUILLOTINE" has been chosen to open the festival on Monday 8th August - 12PM EST / 4PM GMT. 

Watch the trailer for the festival below, I'm really proud that my film has been spliced in amongst all these cool looking visual works.

See you guys next week - support the angsty jelly girl!

A video posted by TIFF (@tiff_net) on


These are the final images from my "IRREGULAR SKELETON" series. I shot these in May. It was initially shot with the intent of being an editorial for a Glasgow magazine, but unsure if that's still happening at the moment - though I'm just happy I'm finally able to share these now. 

I've been excited to release these since I finished working on them. what makes these important is this is the the first photo shoot I have done for almost a year. I had been so film focused that I was close to just hanging up my photography hat - but this shoot really ignited the flame again.

It's also quite an important shoot as its the first I've had with a team involved. Normally it's just me, the camera and whoever the fuck I can get in front of it - using whatever clothes or odd knick-knacks I can find lying around for props.

But this shoot was arranged and styled by the kooky folk at I'll Be Your Mirror with make-Up by the ghoulishly spectacular Alexandra Findlay and hair by the spookily talented Emma Diamond.

And the two irregular skeletons in the images are the eerily cool Penelope Gillies and Louise McWilliams (who you've recently seen in my film "RUBBER GUILLOTINE")

Hope your eye sockets are beaming as much as mine.


Incase you folks missed it, my new 1 minute short film "RUBBER GUILLOTINE" was selected for Vimeo Staff Picks!.

I've been a member of Vimeo for 10 years, it's always been the best place for me to showcase my work and this was a true honour. I'm really fucking pleased with the reception the film has gotten so far and being selected for Vimeo Staff Picks has only helped me further to get new eyes on my work.

Go support the film on my Vimeo page creeps!


RUBBER GUILLOTINE” follows an angsty 17 year old girl who sucker punches her parent’s hopes for her future by aspiring to donate her skeleton to gelatine. 

I shot this film for the TIFF SHORTS FESTIVAL competition. The Toronto International Film Festival and Instagram have teamed up to present a platform and showcase for emerging filmmaking talent. Details HERE. Hopefully my DIY filmmaking will be enough to snatch their eyes from their sockets. (In a good way of course)

I’m not sure what inspired this idea, like many ideas, it formed from nowhere – though I do vaguely remember standing in my kitchen at 3am eating a cup of jelly and thinking how strange it looked. From there I started to look up facts about gelatine and was both grossed out and excited when I discovered that it came from animal bones. – Then this conjured up the thought of: what if we used human bones?

My work is canonically colourful and often focuses on bizarre human behaviours and more often than not, includes the running theme of harm to and the durability of the human body. I feel in some way this definitely bleeds into this film, albeit in a more tongue-in-cheek way. I find domestic products or everyday objects fascinating when they are viewed differently. I really enjoy the elements of the uncanny and having the viewer see something they recognise but altering their perception of it, often by using that everyday product/object in an unusual (or sometimes injurious) way for darkly comedic effect.


Everything by: Bryan M. Ferguson
Starring: Louise McWilliams
Music: "Cocksucker" by Halfrican

Special Thanks:

Alexandra Findlay
Stascia Bantouvakis
Hailey Maxwell
Val D'Oro